How to Find the Perfect Logo for Your Business

Assess your business niche
The most important consideration to make when creating a logo for your business is to know your industry. For example, if you are a painter and decorator, then most of the designs for your industry will probably include some sort of practical graphic design, such as a paintbrush. However, if you are an upmarket fashion shop, then your niche will probably focus on classy fonts and minimal designs. Knowing your business niche is critical to successful design, as it provides a representation of your knowledge and authority within your niche.
Assess your competition
Observing the logos of your competition is a great way to work out what is successful and what is not. Look at some of your most successful competitors and take on board what is included in their graphic designs. Is it imagery or font? Is it a mixture of both? Is it full of colour or rather minimal? Establish this and you’ll be putting yourself in a great position to consider your own design. You shouldn’t try and copy your competitors, as you’ll want to be unique. Instead, take the core concepts and then develop these into your own design.
Assess your own business
This is crucial to forming a graphic design that properly represents your business. A good logo says all that is needed about a company. Potential customers often choose whether to contact a business or not based solely on their logo. Therefore, work out your brand values, work out your stance in the market, and then think about a design that reflects these elements. As an example, if a business was in the care sector, then a homely, warm graphic design would work well. However, if you were a solicitors then a sleek, font focused silver design would work best. It’s a fact; imagery is everything in the business world.
Customise your design
The last thing you want to do is choose a generic design for your business that can be used by many others. This will just make you blend into the background and won’t give you an individual edge that makes you stand out. A standard clip-art design from a logo website will not do you any favours. It may be cheaper than hiring a designer, but as the logo is the visual voice of your business, if you invest a little you will get a lot back.