The Forex platform has reached the peak of popularity and every year investors across the world are joining to change their fate. Among them, most investors execute trades without any prior knowledge about trading and this causes a huge dilemma for them.

Before attending the trades in this giant trading platform, one must be educated with some basic points. These points are very common and theoretical and may seem very boring to the newbies. But, without mastering in the first phase of basics, no one can climb on the staircase of the success in Forex trading. Today, some of the most basics points about the investment industry will be highlighted so that you can protect yourself from the potential pitfalls of this industry.

1.      Demo account

Most newbies overlook this step but this should be prioritized at the beginning. If we are ignorant of the benefits of a demo account, we do not deserve to be involved in FX trading. Even experts utilize this facility to test their trading strategies.

A demo account has everything you’d see in the real account but the good side of it is that a beginner does not have to suffer for the loss. It is just a sandbox-like thing where a newbie may learn all about the practical execution of trades. Using this he can buy fake financial assets and sell them with virtual money. He does not have to count the loss if he makes one. Read this article and learn the associated factors in the trading business. Soon, you will realize the importance of demo account. You can easily develop your skills and learn the basics while trading the marketin a demo environment.

Experts believe that no one should join the real market until they masterdemo trading. A demo account has a news feed facility like the real account and using this opportunity, anybody may do good fundamental analysis. If you are new to Forex, using the demo account will be your first priority.


After gaining some practical knowledge by trading in the demo account, rookie UK traders must conduct research before executing trades. There are varieties of tools to use to execute different types of research. But before utilizing the tools, knowing the types of research methodology is very important.

There are two types of research and those are fundamental analysis and the technical analysis. Both of these researches are very important for investors to learn about the market trend.

When research is based on the political, economic and social incident, this type is called the fundamental research. On the other hand, technical research indicates the possible analysis of the market using the graph or chart. Both of these research may not be done by a single person and for this reason, investors should hire professional FX researchers. Doing the job by ourselves is not bad but having a fundamental researcher and technical researcher working on each task individually may increase the productivity of our trading.

2.      The risk to reward ratio

After performing enough research, an investor has to estimate the risk to reward ratio to gauge the future loss in advance. An ideal risk to reward ratio is 1:3 and experts utilize this mathematical equation to be risk-free. The ratio of 1:3 indicates that one must not take more than a $1 dollar risk if his investment is £3.

It is pathetic that a few of the newbies are very reluctant to gauge their risk of the trade in advance and face unwanted losses because of it. Without having a proper risk management system, your efforts may be compared to a suicidal attempt in FX trading.

At the bottom line, it can be said that these are the most important things that must be remembered before the execution of the trades. Professionals become successful in their trades by mastering the basics first.