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Top 3 B2B Lead Generation Tactics

Lead generation is important for every B2B business. The way, you generate B2B leads depends on your business, industry, company size and other factors. In the last years, we have seen accelerated digitalization of lead generation. In this article we present 3 tactics, which can improve your B2B lead generation.

Website Visitor Identification

This is one of relatively new tactics. If you would like to know, who is visiting your website, you should use a software like LeadRebel. With help of LeadRebel, you can identify website visitors. That means, you see which companies have visited your website, what are they interested in, find more information about these companies, and generate B2B leads.


Approaching your website visitors using online chat isn’t new. But using chatbots to improve customer interaction has grown during last years and is one of the best working tactics for lead generation. There are lots of chatbot providers on the market. The chatbot technology ranges from relatively straightforward appoint scheduling or booking chatbots, to AI driven, complex ones. If you think, chatbot can be of a great value for you, try out Intercom or Freshdesk.

Content Marketing

Content is king all the way. This fact didn’t change during last decade. It is still crucial to generate lots of high-quality content. It can be blog entries, or social media posting, videos on Youtube or guest posting. But without generating fresh, highly relevant content, you will struggle to create audience large enough to support your business. Good thing about content marketing is that it is very cost-effective long-term strategy. Compared to performance marketing, it isn’t hand-to-mouth business tactic. Rather it is a long-term investment and brings traffic and leads for many years.


While there are lots of B2B lead generation tactics and strategies, we have chosen three of most cost-effective ones. You can use one of them, or combination in order to create cost effective and successful mix.


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