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Smart tips for traveling to Bali

Bali is one of the provinces of Indonesia which is famous for its natural beauty. Even though it looks modern and exotic, you can still find a thick culture, such as traditional houses, traditions, and ceremonies performed by the residents.

Until now, there are still many schools that hold study tours to Bali and there are also several Bali Visa Agent. There are also many newly married couples who make Bali a destination for going on a honeymoon. Tourists, both local and foreign, are also very interested in visiting Bali. People who have been there before will definitely want to repeat it as a tourist destination again. Indeed, its appeal as a vacation spot is very strong. Here are 5 reasons why a vacation to Bali will never be boring.

No wonder this Island of the Gods is always on the list of dream tourist destinations, both for local and foreign tourists. Are you one of those who want to vacation in Bali for the first time?
List of Vacation Preparations to Bali for Beginners
So, so that your vacation in Bali is more enjoyable, take a look at some of the tips that we have summarized from the following various sources.

1. Prepare itineraries.
Before going to Bali, make a planning list, starting from what to go on, how long the vacation time, preparing a visa to Bali, tourist attractions you want to visit, to accommodation to stay in Bali.
When someone mentions the word “Bali”, what immediately comes to mind is the beautiful beaches. Make no mistake, Bali not only has beaches, but also has rice fields, lakes, and even waterfalls. Want to enjoy the hot sun while sunbathing on the beach or enjoy the cool air that is typical of the highlands, all can be done in Bali. It is complete nature tourism in Bali.
For starters, you can collect information from the Bali Provincial Tourism Office page. That way, you can get references about tourist destinations that you can visit.

2. Pack the Most Needed Clothes and Items.
When you have made vacation plans, the next step is to prepare your luggage while in Bali.
Not just enjoying the natural scenery, when visiting Bali, tourists will surely be amazed by its culture which feels highly respected by its residents. Tourists can also visit places where dance performances from Bali are regularly held. If you are lucky, sometimes tourists can also see residents performing religious ceremonies or other rituals. The buildings in Bali are also very distinctive in shape, really showing their identity, difficult to find in other areas.
It’s a good idea to bring clothes with natural fiber materials to keep you cool. Moreover, Bali is famous for its exotic beach tourism. If you plan to climb the mountain, also prepare a good jacket and shoes.

3. Choose the Right Vacation Day.
Choosing the right day and time to go to Bali must be right. The best time to visit Bali is from May to October. Because, it rarely rains and the sun is not too hot. So, you can enjoy the beauty of Bali’s beaches.
Have a limited budget for lodging? No need to worry, in Bali there are many cheap lodgings. Don’t be afraid to get bad facilities because the prices are cheap. So many inns in Bali that even have a swimming pool but the price is still affordable. Just choose and adjust to the contents of the bag. Want to stay at a resort, hotel, hostel, or villa, there are many choices.4. Book Tickets and Hotels in Advance.
Ahead of the holidays, the price of plane tickets can soar high. To avoid this, order tickets and book hotels in advance via online. If you are lucky enough, you can get promos for booking flight tickets and hotels.

5. Rent a Vehicle
If you don’t bring your own vehicle, you can try to rent a vehicle. Quoted from The Trusted Traveler, there are many car rental services in Bali that offer low prices.

Just make sure that the vehicle has insurance and is in good condition. To be safer and more comfortable, you can also hire the services of a local driver to take you around Bali.

6. Enjoy Balinese Cuisine
In addition to having many interesting tourist attractions to visit, Balinese food is also not to be missed. Of course, a vacation to Bali will not be complete if you haven’t tasted satay lilit, taliwang chicken, jinggo rice, and betutu duck.
Balinese people produce various handicrafts. So that tourists don’t need to have trouble choosing souvenirs because their very varied handicrafts are suitable for making souvenirs. From paintings of various sizes, Balinese fabrics, sandals with frangipani flower ornaments, even round rattan bags that are currently popular in Bali. Tourists will be confused to refrain from buying everything for souvenirs and for yourself too.

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