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Reasons To Be Prudent In The Event of A Roadside Emergency Tasks

Reasons To Be Prudent In The Event of A Roadside Emergency Tasks

When dealing with roadside accidents or car troubles, the best plan of action is to have taken action before it happens. There is no doubt about it, car accidents and maintenance issues are amongst the most stressful situations one can find themselves in. This isn’t simply because of the cost associated with car trouble but the dangers of being stranded along a busy or deserted road. Therefore, it is imperative to formulate a plan of action instead of leaving it up to chance, no matter how new or hardly used your vehicle is. We have compiled here for you a list of some of the best car maintenance tips as well as some crucial information on dealing with the unfortunate event of a car accident.


Flat & Stuck

 Getting a flat tire is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to us on the road, but statistics say that it’s going to happen to us at one point or another. Therefore, if roadside assistance is not available, the best thing to do is change it yourself. Safety is first, therefore, driving your car to the shoulder of the road is your best option, even if it destroys the tire. However, if you have 4wd tyres, this might be a little easier, the goal here is to get you and your vehicle to a spot on the road where you can safely change your tire. If you’re unsure how to go about it, your car owner’s manual is a great resource for changing a tire on your particular vehicle.

Prepare A Roadside Kit

Although the standard first aid kit and food supply are one of the best ways to start your kit, it, however, is not the only thing you should keep in your vehicle in the case of a roadside emergency. Side note, one of the best tools any car owner can obtain is a roadside assistance plan. Sure, it might mean a bruised ego for most men, but when you’re stranded in a freezing road with your family in the car, a quick battery jump from a roadside service provider is definitely the best option for you and your family.

Now, let’s get into building the right type of roadside kit. The first thing you will need to have on hand is your car’s owner’s manual. This will greatly help you in determining the meaning of any warnings lights your vehicle might be showing and the exact liquids your car may need to get it running again. Next, are the tools you will need to make other drivers aware that you’re on the side of the road. Typically divers would use flares or small reflected cones; however, with advancements in technology one can now purchase a couple of LED Flameless Flares at an affordable price. Not only are these a safer option to have in your car but make you more noticeable and last longer.

Lastly, is having an extra cell phone stored in your glove box. We’re not saying to go purchase another five hundred dollar phone, simply a small pre-paid telephone that can make simple calls. This is one of your best options when you’re not only dealing with car troubles but a dead battery that won’t be able to charge your cellphone. Safety is paramount; therefore, having a second means of communication is one of the best add ons to any roadside kit.

Poor Maintenance and car accidents

 A leading factor to car accidents isn’t simply a distracted driver but a negligent driver. For example, brakes should always be one of the most important areas of a car to be checked by a licensed mechanic, however, time after time faulty breaks are often the cause of fender benders and other more serious accidents. Another area that many tend to dismiss even when they take their car for maintenance is the condition of their headlights. We often don’t pay attention to this area until we are driving along a dark road and then it’s too late.

Car accidents have been shown to occur mostly at night due to low visibility. Therefore, not making an effort to clean and replace faulty headlights can leave a person at risk of being involved in an accident.

How To Deal With A Car Accident

 One of the most unfortunate events that will happen to most of us during our lifetime is a car accident. No matter the severity of it, there is no doubt that it can be one of the most traumatizing experiences for anyone going through it for the first time. So, what exactly should you do in the event of a car accident? Plan it out before it happens, this means jotting down how you will handle it and the steps you should take.

Attempting to figure it out while it’s happening is not your best option; you could potentially place yourself in a worse situation. One of the first things you should have at your disposal is a simple pencil and notepad. This will be used to write down yours and the other person’s information as well as any notes you might want to have on hand of the accident.

Now, if the accident is a little more severe than a simple fender bender, the best thing you should do is control your emotions. Panic and distress will not make the situation better for you or anyone hurt. Check for anyone injured but make sure not to move them as any movement can potentially cause further injury.

Next, you should immediately call 911 or emergency helpline numbers provided by the government, while you look around to see what street or landmark your on to better inform the operator of your location. When the police arrive always make sure to avoid admitting fault to any part of the accident. Simply obtain a copy of the report and call your insurance company once you get to the privacy of your home.

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