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Importance of Livestock Exporters

Australia is the leading exporter when it comes to livestock. These days, whether you believe it or not, more than half the meat produced is being exported overseas and the consumers across the globe have great confidence in it believing that it is free from disease, high quality and 100 percent safe.

In the past 3 decades, it becomes a national issue to export livestock abroad to be able for the Australian meat to ship to customers in different parts of the world. These days, exporting livestock has become a sustainable industry to the country that actually makes a huge portion of the agricultural exports and is a major contributor to its social fabric of nation and economy.

As a matter of fact, today there are more than thousands of families who are farming and their communities too that rely on livestock export industry in order to survive and have food to feed their family. The industry has more or less 13000 people across the country with 11000 of it living in regional and rural areas. The truth is, this figure isn’t something that is made up of just livestock exporters and producers, there are several other professions you can find under this umbrella as well like truck drivers vets, stock agents and so on. Whether you believe it or not, Australian live export trade generates 1.8 billion dollars in GDP nationally and underpins the economies of several regional areas.

Live export industry is vitally important that it gives assurance to the producers of Australian livestock that they are going to have wide selection of markets in selling livestock and then, guarantee that they will get good price for the produce they worked hard on. This industry is crucial as well in terms of providing a market especially the ones in remote locations without easy access to abattoirs. This is essential mostly for cattle production in northern region of the country.

It’s for this same reason that restrictions of the Australia’s involvement in international exportation of livestock would create a massive impact on thousands of people who are employed under this industry. The livestock being exported from the country is crucial when it comes to providing assurance to the food security of countries it’s exported on most especially in Asia and Middle East. Believe you don’t, goats and cattle are exported across Southeast Asia while sheep and cattle are sent to the Middle East.

By being able to export animals overseas, the livestock exporters as well as producers in Australia is able to fulfill major need for the essential red meat in countries it is being exported to. The reason for this is that, the supplies of their livestock are sent to countries that fail to meet the demands of their citizens when it comes to livestock.

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