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How to make sure that all the employees fill out their timesheets on time?


It goes without saying that if you are the owner of a business, you need to keep a track of the employee timings regularly. The employees hate to fill out the timesheets. Every time they walk in the office, they have to enter the time they entered, and the same process is repeated when they leave. Apart from this being an annoyance for the employees, the management themselves are tired of maintaining a schedule for each employee and keeping track.

This is a rather hectic process that involves a lot of time consumption that could be invested in a much more productive thing. Hence, the technological advancement has helped the supervisors to use a much more advanced methods to get the job done, i.e. online timesheet softwares for recruitment agencies. Through this, there is no need to handle long manual records of the arrival and departure of each employee. Rather use a software that releases the load of you and keeps you at ease. Here are some of the ways through which one can get the employees to fill in their timesheets on time;

  1. Keeping it basic: Normally, a timesheet should not take more than 5 to 6 minutes to be completed. It becomes very annoying if an employee is stuck in line trying to track their overall hours of the day rather than using that time for something more productive. Hence, the companies should have an advanced online timesheet that is simple and easy to fill, with no real complications.
  2. Tell employees about its importance: If you would ask an employee regarding the filling in of their timesheets, they would generally state that this is a waste of time. Well, the problem is that they have absolutely no idea for what purpose is the timesheet used. The management should ensure that they communicate to every employee, the main purpose of the timesheets. In addition to this, a monthly or quarterly sessions should be conducted in which employees should be informed the importance of timesheets and how it can help them. Once, the purpose of the timesheet is clear to the employees, you will experience a significant change overall.
  3. Make the submissions easy: Many employees generally have this complaint of their timesheets being difficult to submit. Since this is an extra thing apart from their overall job, organizations should ensure that the process is very straightforward. An employee must not spend majority of their time in trying to get a track of their time. Online timesheet softwares is the best way to deal with this.
  4. Use automated reminders: You will not want to run around each and every employee asking them to fill in their timesheets. Since this is a task they should be handling themselves, you do not want to be the one reminding them. Management can go for an automated reminder process that sends a text message or drops and email to all the employees nearing the deadline of their timesheets. This way you can get the job done without troubling yourself.
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