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Consumer Reviews – The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

There is no doubt about the fact that reviews written by consumers are great tools for word of mouth or viral marketing. There will always be a few people who are just not satisfied with any product and could very likely have misunderstood it. There are many more users who enjoyed the product and found it exceeded their expectations. This is the sort of hands-on experiences that potential customers want to read before they purchase a product. Gain trust among new customers with BritainReviews.

Why are these reviews so powerful as a marketing tool? This is because consumers are relying more on articles written by actual users of the product or service. These reviews will weigh heavily in the potential customer’s decision to buy a product or hire someone for a service. Remember there are a lot of similar products and services for the customer to choose from. When they read positive reviews about a certain product they will then purchase it.

Similarly, negative reviews will turn people away from a business and its products. These reviews can help a business improve products and service. Sometimes it is just customer service that needs improving not the actual product. This will all be reflected in the reviews people write. To make viral marketing work it is very important to not only be careful to make the product and service up to standard but also the customer service.

When a potential customer finds a lot of positive reviews about a product or service they will feel like buying it. In turn, they will tell others about it and the viral marketing or word of mouth marketing will begin. More people will write reviews and recommend the product or service to others the promotions will snowball into a large marketing campaign. This will result in more sales and profits for the business that produces the product or service.

Positive reviews of a product or service will not only build up trust but excite new customers’ curiosity. This will also encourage them to try the new product or service. If the majority of write-ups are positive about something then more people will want to try it. This is especially true if it is new and innovative. There is always a section of the public who want to try new products and services.

There are 2 sorts of buyers those that buy on impulse and those that need some persuasion to purchase and remain undecided. Positive reviews will help undecided consumers to buy the product or service. They will have trust in the product if others have recommended it and curiosity about it if they see many positive reviews. These write-ups are a deciding factor in these undecided potential customers, to help them to decide to buy the product or service.

Consumer reviews are indeed a powerful form of viral or word of mouth marketing. People have an instinctive herd instinct and if they see many people have written their appreciation about a product or service they will want to try it as well. This is viral marketing at its best.

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