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Are Credit Unions Better For Mortgages?

Are credit Unions really better for mortgages?

Where should you seek your home mortgage? That’s a very important question that a lot of people have, but most people do not have the answer for. In general terms, we could answer that with a big maybe. Credit unions are sometimes the best place to get a loan, but sometimes larger commercial Banks also have great deals as well.

But there are cases when a credit union is absolutely the best choice for you. There are certain circumstances, scenarios and activities that credit unions engage in that can make them the very best choice for anyone who is looking for a home mortgage.

One reason why many people choose a credit union over a large commercial Bank for their home mortgage is because of the flexibility. A large commercial lender really only sees the customer as a number, a credit report and a credit history. They see so many loan applications that everyone just represents a cog in the wheel of their business.

When dealing with a credit union, they have so far fewer customers so they can give you more attention. When it comes to applying for a home mortgage more attention is often what you want. That extra little bit of attention can be the difference between getting a great loan or just an average loan.

The advantage of having a credit union take their time with your application, take their time with determining your worth based on work history, credit history, credit report and all the things that go into applying for a loan is that the underwriting process is a lot deeper. It is more traditional underwriting where they really take the person into account and not just your stats. For many people, this could be the difference between getting accepted for a loan, getting a lower interest rate and saving a lot of money.

So for people who care about those things, a credit union is definitely the best choice for them. It can lead to the greatest outcome for them, and their pursuit of owning a home. It could be the difference between hearing a yes or a no. So, check out the credit unions in my area because they likely have a process, and attention to detail and a high level of customer service that will serve you very well as you seek a home mortgage.

Many people might ask how do they find all the credit unions in my area? It really is a very easy thing to do. Go straight to your favorite search engine, you can search credit unions in your area. You can also do other searches that will allow you to find out their lending practices, what people think about them, and their general reputation. There are websites specifically dedicated to credit unions, even local credit unions that you might be interested in. Search for these things and you’ll find a wealth of information that will allow you to find a credit union in your location that will have the very best deal for you.

As you search for a home loan, do not forget to check out all the credit unions that are local to you. You just might find out that your local credit union is the very best place for you to do business. You might find out that that you have a greater chance of being accepted for a loan, you might find out that you can get a much lower interest rate, and you might find out that you have more benefits when using a local credit union. So, as you continue to look for a loan, also apply to a few credit unions.

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