Know the usage of stud finders

A stud finder is a machine, also known as a sensor or detector. It’s a small machine that enables you to find a stud behind the drywall. There are various kinds of stud detectors but magnetic and electronic are the widely used ones.

What is a stud finder?

Initially, there were only magnetic stud detectors. These magnetic detectors use an inbuilt magnet to find the metals. There are two kinds of magnetic detectors, moving magnetic stud finder and a stationary magnetic stud finder. Stationary ones use a small inbuilt magnet to find the screws attached to a stud. On the other hand, moving magnetic stud finders has an inbuilt neodymium magnet. You can buy any of them depending on the features you are looking for. Electric stud finders are more up to date and come in various types such as instant stud finders, edge finders, centre finders.

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