Rental Real Estate Investments That Bomb

dffIn these trying economic times, competition for prospective renters can be fierce. Job losses that have forced foreclosures unfortunately contribute to vacant properties in the rental markets. As a result many landlords have found themselves in stiff competition for qualified, reliable renters. If care is not taken over the essential marketing of a rental property, their capital investment cannot be classed as a valuable asset because of poor returns, sometimes less than 5 per cent.
It’s imperative that a landlord take some simple steps that make their properties stand out from their competitors listings and at the same time, attract renters to their properties. You can be sure that competing landlords are doing their best to get their properties rented, and some basic tests on your part will assist to get your properties to the front of the queue.
Proper research into the local surrounding properties is imperative when trying … Read More

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Fable #1: If Banks do Properly, Canadians do Effectively, Right? It’s commonly believed that if a country’s banks are doing nicely, it means that there is credit available to lubricate the economy, thereby ensuring a consistent stage of development. This … Read More