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A blog for Small Business Consultants and the vendors who serve them. Really, although, a greater comparison would have been to match Blogger with , or perhaps Blogger vs. Ghost’s (or Silvrback’s or Posthaven’s) new hosting service, since they are all attempting to attract a lot of the same customer base. The future of work is changing , and we have to change with it. In accordance with Glassdoor, HR must get with this system by remodeling itself to a “folks science” by making use of data. This may be a tough capsule to swallow for a department that’s largely behind the times in adapting to adjustments; advertising and communications have already proven how a lot they lag, and so they’re often change brokers.

This isn’t supposed to be a brag checklist. I’m a curious individual. I am serious about individuals, places and things. I think by being interested I … Read More