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How to Make Your First Aluminum Prototype and Start Manufacturing?

How to Make Your First Aluminum Prototype and Start Manufacturing?

Getting a great idea that wasn’t made up for now is a hard thing to do but putting it to life can be harder. A lot of people have some engineering ideas that can change the world but they don’t have the resources and the knowledge to make it. It can be a simple product that makes your life easier or something bigger, either way, you need to make a prototype and consult with a company that is able to make the exact copy.

Some companies that work on new technologies are organizing many teams that will work on making a great product. If you are an individual you might need help from professional to realize your idea. There are many manufacturing companies that can even help you with making a prototype but you need to trust them because you are lending them your idea. Always look for the best people to help you out because sometimes the product is more important than a large profit.

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Choosing the Aluminum Grade

The type of aluminum for your prototype matters a lot and there are many calculations that need to be made. There are also many alloys which are separated into 8 series. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to visualize what your prototype will need, which part needs to be stronger and where you can save money on manufacturing. It’s hard to find an ideal type so many products are made out of combinations.

Some of the qualities that are most important are formability and weldability. You would want a strong connection when you are welding parts together. Other important features are the strength, heat treating, corrosion resistance and machining. You can find a whole table online where they have all … Read More