3 Critical Services Provided by a Rigging Company

Industrial riggers are experts who are hired to move large equipment. They usually work for a rigging company that employ experts specializing in areas like millwrighting, heavy hauling, crating and warehousing. Many industries rely on these specialists to safely dismantle, transport and reassemble factory equipment. Riggers also design and implement custom solutions for companies that need to repair or replace heavy machinery.

Special Teams Can Relocate Factories

Rigging businesses often dismantle and relocate entire facilities and plants. Clients rely on them for turn-key solutions that include management services through every step of the complex projects. Technicians with years of experience and specialty training carefully dismantle machines and prepare components for shipping. Crating and skidding specialists create protective packaging. Machines are transported to new locations and millwrights ensure that they are correctly installed. If new locations are not ready, rigging companies can store machinery in warehouses specially designed for that purpose. Once machines are ready to be installed, millwrights oversee the job and then precisely calibrate each component.

Heavy Haulers Offer Custom Transportation Services

Companies that offer rigging services are also heavy hauling specialists. Clients depend on riggers to provide heavy hauling solutions for relocations and on an “as-needed” basis for special projects. Heavy haul fleets include vans, flats, curtain sides, double-drops, and landolls. Trucking experts not only provide the right size vehicle for each job, they make sure that all permits and customs regulations are met. Transportation services include inter-modal and export freight forwarding.

Rigging Experts Coordinate Special Projects

Businesses also hire rigging companies for complex projects that require specialty heavy equipment and unique skills. For example, factories hire machine moving experts to remove and replace over-sized compressors that need repair. Gas compressors can weigh as much as 90,000 pounds and need to be moved using hydraulic sliders and jacks. Riggers may also be used for projects like the installation of over-sized columns and removal of power generators.

The huge, heavy machines and components used in many industries are typically installed and moved by rigging businesses. Rigging teams include highly skilled craftsmen that include millwrights, crating specialists and transportation experts. They are capable of safely and efficiently dismantling, moving and reassembling entire plants.

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