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‘A tale of two Americas’: How the pandemic is widening the financial health gap

Over two-thirds of Americans are financially unhealthy, with millions facing “extreme financial hardship,” according to the U.S. Financial Health Pulse Trends Report, released today. And as the stock market continues to strengthen, the average American is still struggling, with unemployment rates still far above pre-pandemic highs and another round of coronavirus stimulus seemingly far off

“50 years ago, when wealth was more evenly distributed, the stock market fluctuations and performance might have been more reflective of how real people were faring. But given the significant disparities in wealth and the fact that a significant percentage of Americans don’t actually own any stock, it really doesn’t tell us very much.” Jennifer Tescher, president and CEO of the Financial Health Network, said. “This study really gives a picture of what people’s real financial lives look like.”

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Cohen & Steers Inc. increased stake in CyrusOne Inc By Investing.com

© Reuters. Cohen & Steers Inc. increased stake in CyrusOne Inc

On the 30th of September, Cohen & Steers Inc. bought 8.1 million CyrusOne Inc (NASDAQ:) shares for $564 million at an average price of $70.03 per share.
Shares of CyrusOne Inc are up 14.32% since the transaction.

Cohen & Steers Inc.’s holding in CyrusOne Inc increased to about 13 million shares with the purchase.

Cohen & Steers Inc. first bought CyrusOne Inc stock in the second quarter of 2014.
Cohen & Steers Inc. also owns American Tower Corp (NYSE:), Crown Castle International (NYSE:), SBA Communications Corporation (NASDAQ:) and Verizon (NYSE:).
CyrusOne Inc is its number two position by number of shares and market value among telephone stocks.

Other investors who also added to their CyrusOne Inc shares include Bahl & Gaynor, California State Teachers Retirement System, and Davis Selected Advisers.
Contrary to Cohen & Steers Inc., Fisher Asset Management,

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